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What people are saying about the film
OMG. It was worth the wait! Of course the downside of watching in the library is holding back the tears at the end. I get very emotional about these thing. I am blown away by your film. The quality is truly outstanding. I hope that people will be able to see it on the big screen – it must be awesome. It was inspirational as well as beautiful. Ann Pringle

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Michael presented me with the best gift, a copy of the DVD.  Just watched it and it is incredible – actually more than incredible. Congratulations to all! I am sure it will continue to win awards. Mary Lou Fazel

Doug I just watched your movie and was totally blown away by both the content and the professional product you created. Everything from the narratives by Margot to the wonderful job you did of filming during obviously challenging conditions. I was in awe of some of the sunrise/sunset shots. You done good, congratulations. Frank Mitchell

Just watched the film. It is inspirational, educational and funny. Congratulations on winning the Best of Festival. The Caravan Film should be in everyone’s Christmas stocking. Barbara Dotta

I am part of The Caravan but the way Doug Munro and Margot McMaster put the whole adventure together definitely captures its essence perfectly. Peggy Jean Zollner and Bella

Just finished watching this magnificent film! Yes, I laughed and cried…. Humanities! Many found themselves. Sandy Marx

This was awesome, thank you! Amber Lee Dems

Margot McMaster and Douglas Munro did an absolutely fabulous job on the movie. Everyone needs to get a copy. Horse and Non-horse people alike will love it. With a little work, You could have it play in a theater near you! Kristin Whittington

Just watched the movie Douglas Munro and Margot McMaster. Congratulations. You did a wonderful job and we think everyone needs to buy a copy. Even if you don’t like horses it is beautiful. Annie Muilwijk

The film was beyond awesome–what an accomplishment on the part of all the participants–and the cinematography–I just could not get enough of those big fronted, high stepping Freisians! Fran Ransley

An incredible story well told and some spectacular images. We love it and are sure that your audiences will too. Looking forward to seeing it on a big screen! Doug and Donna Baird

The Caravan! Our epic journey with horses going through the deep south of the USA from California to Florida and which took us almost five months. Biggest event we’ve ever done! Douglas Munro and Margot McMaster made the best movie ever about The Caravan…. You will like that movie; for sure! And if not? Please let me know and I’ll come and clean your car for you! Gerard Paagman

It was a great evening. The Caravan movie made you feel like you were on the trip with them. All I can say is wow! Quite an accomplishment not only for the people but the horses as well. Janet Burns

Here's what people are saying about the film.