The Caravan Film Roadshow

The Caravan Film Roadshow is hitting the highways and byways of North America in 2016/2017 bringing with it all the equipment needed to host a professional motion picture theatrical screening of our film.

We offer a unique opportunity by bringing the film to a venue near you. From community halls and churches to indoor riding arenas and outdoor venues like town fairs, markets and festivals The Caravan Film Roadshow connects directly with you, our audience.

The Roadshow comes complete with a theatre quality DLP projector, large theatre screen and sound system suitable for audiences of 100 to 350 people. Our personnel do the setup, screen the film, and tear down at the end of the event.

In order to secure a Caravan Film Roadshow screening in your city, town or rural location you will require a suitable venue and the date must coincide with our Roadshow calendar.

Here’s how to arrange for a Caravan Film Roadshow screening near you:

Check The Roadshow calendar to determine when we will be in your area. We start in California traveling roughly the same route as the Caravan, across the deep south to Florida. Then we head north through Georgia, the Carolina’s, and back west across the country to Washington State and north into Canada.

Contact us through email at and let us know what kind of screening you are interested in. There are two options, a public screening or a fundraiser screening.

If you choose to hold a public screening with The Caravan Film Roadshow we suggest a minimum audience size of 100 people. Ticket sales will be handled on-line through The Caravan’s event management service.

The second option is to hold a fundraiser with The Caravan Roadshow. Please refer to our Use The Film To Fundraise Guide for more information.

In order for a public or fundraiser screening to be held you will need a suitable venue. Suitable venues can be anything from a meeting hall to a large open area space in a building or even a riding arena.  As long as The Caravan Film Roadshow can set up a large movie screen, projector and sound system and your audience can be seated comfortably you will be good to go.

We are happy to assess if the space you are considering will work for your event. Want to hold a public screening but can’t fit it into the Road Show calendar? No problem. All you have to do is find a venue with AV equipment and room large enough for your audience. We will handle getting the film to you and all ticket sales for your event through our online service.

Have an idea for a screening but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Let us know what you are considering and we’ll see if we can help make it a reality. Contact us at