Use The Film To Fundraise

Helping to make a positive difference is what we at The Caravan Film are striving for.  And what better way to participate than by providing the film as a main attraction to your event. The best part is there is no financial risk to you!

What we offer:

The Caravan Film Roadshow is hitting the highways and byways of North America in 2016/2017 bringing with it all the equipment needed to host a screening. (Please click here for The Roadshow calendar).

The Roadshow offers you and your organization a unique opportunity to bring the film to your venue where audio visual equipment may not be readily available. From riding arenas, community halls large or small to outdoor venues like town fairs, markets and music festivals we will bring the film to you.

The Roadshow includes a Fundraiser Screening License, a theatre quality DLP projector/large screen and sound system suitable for audiences of up to 350 people.

We also include personnel to setup, screen the film, and tear down at the end of your event. All you need to do is organize the location and power for the equipment then leave all the technical details to us.

Here’s how it works:

You price the tickets for your fundraiser screening as you wish, i.e.: $12., $15., $20., $25. or more. A portion of ticket sales goes towards the film (past fundraisers were successful charging between $20-$25).

When The Roadshow equipment is not used (this would happen if you are showing the film at a location that already has A/V equipment like a cinema) our fee is $8 per ticket.

When The Roadshow equipment is being used our fee is $11 per ticket.

Remember you set the ticket price. If you utilize The Roadshow and sell 150 tickets at $25 per ticket your cause will net $2,100. It’s that simple!

Add in a silent and/or live auction, a concession, and/or a raffle and your fundraiser can profit even more. Remember, it’s best to get your venue sponsored or donated to keep expenses down and net revenue up!

For the benefit of your fundraiser and for The Roadshow it is best that a minimum of 100 tickets be sold for any event.

To book The Caravan Film Roadshow please email us at

Naturally every situation is different so let us know what you are considering and we will work with you to make it happen.

Please refer to our Screening and Fundraising Guide for tips that could help you make your event an even bigger success.