Fundraising Guide

Make a Difference! One of the best ways you can make a meaningful impact within your community is by staging a fundraiser.  And no better way to engage your audience then having a fundraiser in conjunction with a film screening.

The Caravan Film is about connection and understanding, setting goals and believing anything is possible. The film reached out to people and communities across America and hit a chord. Even if you don’t have horses the messaging is universal, positive and can help drive an audience to contribute to your cause.

STEP 1: Share your idea with us.

Thinking of hosting a fundraiser? Would The Caravan Film be a good fit? Let us get involved and work with you to make it happen, we’re happy to help.
Contact us via email at:

You can choose to have a fund raiser and just purchase a Fundraiser Screening License or you can involve The Caravan Film Roadshow in your event.

STEP 2: Choose your charity or fundraiser beneficiary

Your charity can be a Boys and Girls club, Veteran society, therapeutic riding/driving association or an at risk youth group. There are so many worthy causes. Or you may wish to fund raise for new gear for a local sports team, rally to save a horse, assist communities with local natural disaster relief or raise money for medical treatment for a colleague.

STEP 3: Set a Goal

Set a $ goal. Be realistic but ambitious. But sometimes its not all about money, sometimes its about increasing membership in your club, or reaching out to motivate people, or simply bringing a positive family film in your local community.

STEP 4: Obtain a Fundraiser Screening License

In order to show The Caravan Film at your fundraiser event you will first need to obtain a Fundraiser Screening License.

A Fundraiser Screening License is for commercial use. The film may be screened twice over the course of one (1) day at your event where the intent is to raise money for a worthy cause. The license includes a contract agreeing to the terms set out by The Caravan Film,  a Blu-ray or DVD and associated shipping costs.

Here’s how it works:

You price the tickets for your fundraiser as you wish, i.e.: $12., $15., $20., $25. or more. A portion of ticket sales goes towards the film (past fundraisers were successful charging between $20-$25).

When Roadshow equipment is not used (this would happen if you are showing the film at a location that already has A/V equipment like a cinema) our fee is $8 per ticket.

When Roadshow equipment is being used our fee is $11 per ticket.

Remember you set the ticket price. If you utilize The Roadshow and sell 150 tickets at $25 per ticket your cause will net $2,100. It’s that simple!

Add in a silent and/or live auction, a concession, and/or a raffle and your fundraiser can profit even more. Remember, it’s best to get your venue sponsored or donated to keep expenses down and net revenue up!

For the benefit of your fundraiser and for The Roadshow it is best that a minimum of 100 tickets be sold for any event.

We also have online ticketing services available for a fee.

Inquiries for Public Screening Licenses may be made to:

STEP 5: Choose a Venue

It is important to arrange for a suitable venue to show the film.  It’s best if you can engage the community and have someone donate or sponsor the space or provide it at a low cost. That way more of the proceeds of your fundraiser will flow to your charity or benefit. Make sure you assign someone as venue manager or venue liaison.

The venue should be appropriate for your use. Too small of a venue will limit your potential fundraising objectives. Make sure the venue is available for the date of your event.

If your venue is a theatre with full screening capability, ensure they can play a blu-ray or a DVD. A blu-ray is high definition and considerably better quality for large screen projection.

Here is a list of suggested venue requirements.

STEP 6: Choose a Date and a Time

Choose a date for your event one you think will work best for your area and invitees. Avoid major calendar conflicts which would prevent your core audience from attending, such as: Superbowl Sunday, other fundraisers in your area, a Statuary Holiday, a major horse event, etc. Ensure you have enough advanced time to properly organize your event. If partnering with The Caravan Roadshow ensure your date coincides with The Roadshow calendar.

Time of the day is very important. Depending on your event an afternoon engagement may be best. If it’s on a workday then often early evenings are best. Think about how far people have to commute or drive before and after your event. Consider local public transit schedules, especially on weekends where limited service may be available.

STEP 7: Arrange for volunteers

It takes a lot of people to make a fundraiser successful. Volunteers are key!

STEP 8: Arrange for the Audio-Visual Equipment

Small groups may only need a Blu-ray or DVD machine and a large TV with a sound system. Large groups will usually require a good projector, large screen and sound system. You have the option to arrange for A/V services directly. If equipment is  donated by a local supplier then all the better. Check to ensure you can get the right equipment and personnel to set it up.

If your fundraiser partners with The Caravan Film Roadshow then we come complete with a high quality Cinema DLP projector, large high quality screen, Blu-ray player, Public address system, and Stereo sound system and personnel. It’s Ideal for 100-350 person venues. Limited engagement scheduling is available. The Caravan Film comes complete with personnel to setup, screen and tear down.

Do an A/V costs analysis. If you can obtain full and reliable A/V services at no or low cost then that may be best for your fundraiser.

Here is our suggested basic audio visual equipment requirements.

STEP 9: Determine the scope of your Fundraiser

Make the most out of your event, consider hosting a pre or post-screening party or auction. Silent and live auctions are very effective.

Sell something! Get your community decked out in your own charity’s t-shirts. Sell canvas bags with the charity logo on it, or anything else that is appropriate. Sell popcorn, baking goods, tickets for door-prizes, have a 50/50 draw.  Run a food and beverage concession. Make the most from the event.

Do something fun, like challenging local teams to out do each other in a fundraising drive for your event.

STEP 10: Promote your Event

Use email and social media like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about your event or do it the old fashioned way and just pick up the phone! The more prepared you are in advance of the event the better participation you will get. Prominently display posters advertising your event in stores, gas stations, coffee shops, club facilities and any other public areas you can think of. Do you have a local radio station that would help promote your cause? Give them a call ask if they would air a public service announcement.

To help you get the word out here is The Caravan Film Screening Tool Kit complete with poster, pictures, movie trailer, art prints, film synopsis, email invitation, etc.

STEP 11: Sell your Event

Pre-sell tickets to the your event. Get people to commit ask for an RSVP. Believe in it!

Sell tickets at the door too. Offer donated door prizes. Take, cash, checks, and if you can, use Paypal and credit cards. Get point-of-sale payment processing machines or use Square Apps on your smart phone. Your venue should have wifi access and cell service to accommodate electronic transactions.

STEP 12: Stage your Event

Consider the following to make your fundraiser an overwhelming success:

Plan the opening remarks to be made by your local mayor, head of the charity, movie-star, community hero, or a compassionate person
Work with a local Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions or other group to help organize your event. Often these groups are dedicated to assisting the very same charities which you’re supporting.
Conduct a silent and/or live auction, it’s fun and engages your audience. Get sponsors to donate items or services like a meal at a local restaurant, a night at a local B&B.
Show and tell, bring in a special item for display, like a new motorized scooter from the local supplier to accent and reinforce why everyone is all here, ie: to afford a new scooter for a veteran for instance.
Display sponsor’s banners, and ensure you activity promote the sponsor through appropriate acknowledgement throughout the event.
Prepare a keynote or power point presentation for before and/or after the show and for silent and live auction items
Show your passion. Grab the microphone and share a personal story and why the cause is important to you. Think about how to motivate others.

Time and time again, we see how the power of storytelling inspires others and motivates people to positive action. Think about how you can make the case to your guests, and help them not only know it’s’ the right thing to do, but to feel it, too.

STEP 13: Wrap up your Event

Say thank you at the end of the event. Acknowledge all the efforts by volunteers and the support of your sponsors. Send messages of thanks, letting your supporters know the positive impact you have made working together and how much was raised for the cause.

STEP 14: Celebrate your Success