Public Screening Fees

Our rates for Public Screening Licenses are as follows:

Non commercial licenses (no admission or donations are charged or accepted).

Tier 1 – Up to 24 people (US$250)
Tier 2 – 25-49 people    (US$350)
Tier 3 – 50-99 people    (US$500)
Tier 4 – 100-299 people  (US$900)
Tier 5 – 300+ people     (US$1200)

Commercial Licenses (admission is charged)

Our General Admission License rates are as follows:

Advance-General (14-64)                       $15

Advance-Child (3-13)                              $ 9

Advance-Senior (65+)                             $13

Please note: an added fee of $1/ticket is charged by the online ticketing service.


Fundraiser Screening Fees

Our rates for a Fundraiser Screening License is as follows:

You price the tickets for your fundraiser as you wish, i.e.: $12., $15., $20., $25. or more. A portion of ticket sales goes towards the film (past fundraisers were successful charging between $20-$25).

When Roadshow equipment is not used (this would happen if you are showing the film at a location that already has A/V equipment like a cinema) our fee is $8 per ticket.

When Roadshow equipment is being used our fee is $11 per ticket.