Venue Requirements

Technical Information

Room Size: The length and width of the room will determine how many people can sit comfortably and enjoy the event. The height of the room will determine if people can see the screen without heads in the way. Our suggested minimum room size recommendations are:

People    Length    Width        Height
> 100      100’        35’        10’ minimum, 12’ better
100-200    125’        40’        12’
200-300    150’        50’        12’
300-500    170’        55’        14’

Projector Throw Distance: Throw distance to screen varies greatly depending on the type of projector and lens. For instance The Caravan Film Roadshow projector throw is from 33’-63’ which fills a 6.5‘x14’ screen.  Make sure you let your AV company know the size of room you will be in, including the height of the ceiling and they will be able to provide equipment to suit your needs.

Lighting: Room should have the ability to be completely blacked out from any outside window light. Be aware of overhead safety lights which stay on in the room, ensure the light won’t spill onto the screen. Room lighting should be able to be dimmed down very low. You can be creative and add colored accent-lights on walls for visual effect. You can also spotlight a stage area where your guest-speakers will be positioned. A dimming board is preferred in these situations. A large ladder should be available in case the light fixtures need to be removed.

Power: If your venue doesn’t have it’s own A/V system you will need at least three, 15 amp circuits to power a projector, video player, audio system and speakers.

Public Address System: Ask if your venue has a built-in public address system and determine if it is suitable for your needs. It will be critical if you have a live auction. You may also wish to make announcements throughout the event. Have a question and answer session after the film or just talk about the cause you are raising money for.

Internal Room Speaker System: Some public address systems operate through internally mounted speakers unique to the specific venue. Sometimes these are ok for PA announcements but often they are not great. Internal speaker systems are usually not good for the film’s audio, ensure you can position external speakers in the venue. Your A/V company will know how to handle this. The Caravan Roadshow comes with full PA and large external speakers.

People Considerations

Air Conditioning / Heat: Audience comfort is important. Make sure your venue is suitable.

Parking: Make sure there is convenient parking for the equipment vehicle and of course for the people who will be attending the event. If there are parking restrictions talk to the authorities, tell them what you’re doing. Chances are the restrictions will be lifted. Maybe you could even charge a nominal amount for parking! Another great way to raise money.

Handicap Access: Make sure your venue can accommodate wheelchairs and has easy access for people with mobility issues. Things to be aware of also include door widths, hand rails and accessible washroom facilities.

Seating: Make sure your venue can accommodate more people then you are expecting. When arranging chairs we suggest that the front row be no closer than 18’ from the screen. Check site lines of all seats. Allow for a wheelchair area.

Washrooms: Make sure your washrooms are clean and well stocked with supplies. If the venue is remote you may need to rent some portable toilets and wash basins.

Fire Safety: Review the fire safety measures with your venue manager. Know your limits for occupancy. You want to run a safe event.

First Aid: Invite your EMS friends. If possible have a first aid qualified individual at your event. Know where the closest hospital is and have your emergency numbers readily available.

Coat Area: In case of inclement weather it is important to have an area where people can put their coats, umbrellas or wet footwear.

Security: Every event should evaluate whether security is required and if so at what level. Generally one person simply assigned to overseeing the event is adequate in rural areas but for venues in cities it may be important to have a presence at the doors.

Day-care: In some instances a day-care area may be beneficial to consider. Your audience demographic and your situation will determine that.

Taxi Service: Always good to know where taxis arrive at your venue so that patrons can easily move from the taxi zone to your admissions area.

Event Logistics

Wifi Access / Cell Service: If you’re using point of sale devices to swipe credit cards for payment to the event you’ll want to ensure you have good wifi or cell service. You may wish to also access the internet for overhead presentations or Skype-in a guest speaker to your event. Also, make sure you have the proper password for the wifi and test it before hand. You might also want to have the number handy of a person familiar with the network system at your venue in case the internet goes out unexpectedly.

Ticketing Area: Make sure your venue can accommodate a ticketing area for at-the-door ticketing. A table and two chairs can work. Put a poster on a stand. Have your point-of-sale devices available for use, ensure internet connectivity. Sell door prize tickets too.

Silent Auction Area: If you’re thinking of running a silent auction in conjunction with the film you’ll need a space large enough to display your items. Make sure power is available, that there is enough light so people can read about the item and that you won’t be blocking any exits with tables.

Sales Area: A good way to make extra income at your fundraiser is to have a sales area where you sell merchandise supporting the charity or cause, or any other item related to the fundraiser.

Food and Beverage Concession: If your group is able to run a concession at the venue it’s a perfect way to raise more money. It could be anything from bottled water and juices to wine and beer, from popcorn to a full buffet. Be aware of food and beverage license requirements.

Signage Opportunities: Determine if there are areas in the venue where you can mount or put up stands for your posters, banners or other promotional items. Use sandbags to keep stands secure in high-traffic areas.

If Your Venue is Outdoor:  If you’re thinking about having a screening outdoors you have to consider many factors. Rain, cold, bugs, wind, dust, time of day or excessive noise from external sources in the area. The more unknowns you can eliminate the better for your event.

Other Things to consider bringing to your fundraiser
Hammer, screw drivers, nails, screws, scissors, clear tape, packing tape, duct tape, felt pens and paper/art cards for last minute signs, haywire, tacks, pens/pencils, a calculator, a cash box with a float, Point-of-Sale devices, receipts, stickers, stick-ons, rope, bright colored safety tape, flashlights, music cd’s/thumb drive/ipod, paper trays, plastic bags, carry bags for purchased items, printer, ticket code reader, table cloth covers, trash bins/garbage containers/bags, brooms and dustpans, mop and bucket and soap cleaner, gloves, additional step ladders and high-reach ladders or lifts, desk lamps, business cards, circuit tester, un-interrupted power supply, computers, sandbags, clamps, label printer, stands for posters, posters, staff accreditation lanyards and name tags, name tags for guests, marking pens, power strips

Audio Visual Equipment List

To make your event go smoothly and ensure you have all the right equipment we put together this list of suggested gear.

High quality projector with appropriate lens for your venue size and throw.
Blu-ray player selected to output full HD 1920-1080 and stereo audio.
Large screen 6’x9’ or larger pending audience size and viewing distance. The film is mastered in 2:1 aspect ratio (there will be small black bars at the top and bottom of the screen) the audio is 5.1 surround.
High quality stereo audio mixer
Two large speakers, with cabling
Computer with IMAG capability to projector
Public address system with wireless mic(s), use tight-pattern mics to avoid feedback on nearby speakers.
Projector truss to mount it above audience heads, longer cables
Power extension cords
Sandbags for holding screen secure